How OakRemote Works?

OakRemote is a plugged-in Smart Universal Remote. It can control all your remote controlled devices like TV, AC, Set Top Box, Speaker, Air Coolers and more in a room. OakRemote helps you control all your home appliances using free mobile app by Oakter Smart Home. It has inbuilt remotes for Indian Set-Top Boxes & Air Conditioners.

It is also the perfect companion for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It empowers you to #AskAlexa or go #HeyGoogle to switch on/off Home Theater, change channels on Set-Top Box, change temperature of AC & much more.

OakRemote is an internet connected device and requires WiFi at home. It continuously evolves to provide you even more features, with over the air firmware upgrades

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Get The All-New OakRemote At A Special Launch Price!

The revolutionary mobile app with insanely simple setup for your home. Control your TV, AC, Set Top Box and more with your smartphone.

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Specifications & Warranty
Power Supply 5V DC, Power adapter included in the package
Mounting Table Top Mounted via USB Adapter
Supported Remotes Infrared (IR) Remotes
Requires WiFi Yes

✅ 1 Year Replacement Warranty

✅ WhatsApp Customer Support Integrated In The Mobile App

✅ Quick Resolution Of Your Queries

Supported Set Top Boxes
Supported AC Brands
The Oakremote app has pre-added remotes of all leading brands such as Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Toshiba, LG and more, with over 230 plus remote library. However, in case your remote is not available in our library, you may add it by following a simple step-by-step process.
Its possible only if you have dedicated buttons for Netflix, amazon prime and YouTube in your TV remote. Else, Oakremote does not support switching between applications through the TV remote function.
Alexa and Google Home make the experience of using Oakremote more seamless, all users in one house can then voice control the gadgets connected to Oakremote.
Oakremote needs to be connected to a stable wifi connection of 2.4ghz. Most wifi connections of 5Ghz, also have a separate option of connecting through 2.4ghz
It takes about 5 mins to do first time setup and attach to your WiFi. Then it takes less than 2 minutes to setup each remote.
Not yet, but in the upcoming app upgrade, we intend to add control of fire stick tv using OakRemote.
Yes, the Oakter app allows a customer to add custom remotes, which are supported by Alexa. However, this is limited to around 15 commonly used functions.
You can assign any name using Oakter Mobile App or Alexa Mobile app. You can use that name via voice command to control that device. Make sure to assign unique and distinct names for easy identification by Alexa.
Scheduling feature is not available on the app as of now. However, if your app is connected to Alexa, then you can use Alexa to add scheduling or routine features to your remotes connected to Oakremote.
All IR remote controlled devices can be controlled through one oakremote, but they should be in one room. So your AC,TV, Set top box etc can be controlled through one oakremote in one room.
You may add upto 15 remotes to one Oakremote. However, since Oakremote uses the IR technology (Infra-red), and IR rays do not penetrate walls, one Oakremote can conver one room/ hall. If you want to control gadgets across multiple rooms, we suggest buying one for each room.
The range is about 20ft in each direction without obstruction. It covers completely a typical room – the infrared rays of OakRemote can also reflect from the walls, hence it is able to cover the complete room.
Yes its compatible, you can control OakRemote using Voice commands using your TV. Please link OakRemote to your Android tv by linking Oakter in the Google home mobile app
No, Apple TV remote is not based on infrared (IR), it is based on Bluetooth. OakRemote only works for remotes with IR. Mostly remotes are infrared, you can use your phone camera to check if your remote is infrared or not.
Yes you will need to plug it in a two pin socket
OakRemote requires a stable Wi-Fi connection in your home and always needs to be connected to the wifi . However to control appliances remotely through your phone, one only needs to be connected to mobile data (3G/4G).
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